Please share information about programs that improve access to CTE/STEM for girls of color and of low income

The Georgetown Law Center on Poverty and Inequality is working with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education to co-host a national conference on marginalized girls’ access to CTE and STEM in school. In particular, they are interested in how to improve access to CTE/STEM for girls of color and low-income girls.

The goal of the conference will be to show that girls of color and low-income girls are interested in these fields and have unique needs that require a specific focus, as well as to identify state and federal policy that can help these girls transition successfully into STEM fields.

The Center has asked NAPE to help identify programs that are working with this population of girls to showcase promising practices, as well as remaining barriers.

Please send an email (by August 25, 2014) to Kimber Rutt in our national office with the following information about promising school programs that you know of that target low-income girls and girls of color.

  • Contact person
  • Email of contact person
  • Telephone number of contact person
  • School/college/university name
  • Address
  • Website link of program, if applicable
  • Brief description of program


Thank you in advance for sharing this information with us!

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