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NAPE’s resources are designed to build educators’ capacity to implement effective solutions for increasing student access, educational equity and workforce diversity. Our resources available for purchase (through our website or by purchase order) are companion pieces for our professional development services.

Eliminating Barriers through Culturally Responsive Pedagogies Toolkit


NAPE’s series of turnkey implementation toolkits provides research-grounded strategies and processes designed to equip educators with new tools to reach, teach, and guide every student to realize their potential. Activities and lesson plans within the series are intended to be turnkey implementation tools for individual development and professional learning communities (PLCs) and, in some cases, for direct use with students.
Each of the toolkits serves as a workbook for an accompanying professional development workshop led by Certified Equity Instructors.

Online Courses

Short on time, but still want to develop your educational equity skills? We are rolling our new Learning Management System and are excited to announce the first four courses:

NAPE's Super Strategies to Inspire Self-Efficacy Poster


NAPE’s series of infographic posters compliment our professional development curriculum, toolkits, and reinforce ideas with both students and educators.

Eliminating Barriers through Culturally Responsive Pedagogies Toolkit

Kudos Cards

Inspire an interest and connection to STEM careers by writing a personal note to students using one of five NAPE Kudos Cards. These cards are designed to promote strong student self-efficacy and interest to pursue STEM careers. Each is grounded in research on self-efficacy theory, work values, and effective messaging.

Career Guidebooks

Ohio’s Construction and Manufacturing Industries are in high demand, they pay well, and they require a variety of educational pathways.

We hope you will find these tools to be useful as you and your students explore these exciting career pathways.