Nontraditional Occupations Crosswalk

New 2020 Nontraditional Crosswalk available on the Perkins Collaborative Resource Network page.

Below, find the NAPE Nontraditional Crosswalks from 2007 and 2013.

Building on the work of the national Crosswalk Validation Project, NAPE updated its designations of nontraditional Classification of Instructional Program (CIP) codes to reflect revisions made to the codes by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) in 2010. State and local education agencies have used NAPE’s Nontraditional Crosswalk since 2007 to collect data for the Perkins IV nontraditional core indicators. Press Release


Still using 2006 employment data as the baseline to ensure consistent reporting during Perkins IV, NAPE identified the occupations that employ less than 25% of men and women. Then, using the revised SOC-CIP (Table 7) produced by the Crosswalk Validation Project, NAPE mapped those occupations to the 2010 SOCs and then the 2010 CIPs. Rather than creating a separate nontraditional crosswalk, NAPE worked with the NRCCTE to add a column to the revised CIP-Cluster crosswalk (Table 1)  to show the nontraditional designations. This new nontraditional crosswalk (Table 3) supersedes all previous versions of NAPE’s nontraditional crosswalk.

Before using the updated Nontraditional Crosswalk, please familiarize yourself with the work of the national Crosswalk Validation Project and the methodology that NAPE used to update the Crosswalk.

Access the NAPE Nontraditional Crosswalk

Perkins IV Table 3, Nontraditional CIP to Career Cluster:  (Excel) (PDF) revised 1/28/13

Original (2007) Crosswalk without Clusters and Pathways (Excel)

Source Documents for the Nontraditional Occupations Crosswalk

Current Population Survey Table 1. Employed and experienced unemployed persons by detailed occupation, sex, race, and Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, Annual Average 2006

Bureau of Labor Statistics Standard Occupational Classification System (2010)

Perkins IV Crosswalk Table 7, Career Cluster Primary Occupation and CIP in Pathway

NCES Classification of Instructional Programs 2010

Perkins IV Crosswalk Table 1, CIP to Cluster

Please direct all questions about the Nontraditional Occupations Crosswalk to the NAPE National Office at 717-407-5118 or