Equity Leadership Academy for States

Amplify Equity in Perkins V

State agencies that use the right approach have the opportunity to lead Perkins V
implementations with equity as the focal point. These states will enable more equitable
educational outcomes for our most vulnerable students.

Why participate?

NAPE developed the Equity Leadership Academy for States to help member education agencies guide postsecondary systems in their states to make Perkins V more effective and sustainable—with equity at the core—to help ensure all students are prepared for 21st century careers.

State departments of higher education administrators will:

  1. Adopt an equity lens and build skills necessary to have equity-minded conversations with those responsible for implementing the Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CLNA)
  2. Build institutional capacity to support local education agencies conducting the new analysis of special populations
  3. Create community with other states spearheading CLNA efforts
  4. Share lessons learned with members across the nation to help create sustained paths to implementing the CLNA

The academy is a no-cost benefit for member states. It includes a two-day training session based on NAPE’s Pilot for Program Improvement Process for Equity™ (PIPE), four monthly virtual technical assistance meetings, and a full-day capacity-building engagement. Cohort members will directly guide and inform the curriculum through participatory processes to ensure we are providing states with the support they need. NAPE will also offer one-on-one technical assistance upon request to address local needs. Please know we consider safety first. If Covid-19 restrictions are still needed, we will postpone in-person engagements or host them virtually. 

Academy requirements

  • This pilot academy will include up to eight member postsecondary states conducting and implementing the CLNA in accordance with Perkins V.
  • Each state will create a small, diverse team committed to integrating an equity lens into their CLNA process.
  • State team members need to be dedicated to sharing knowledge and ensuring their schools effectively use resources and approaches.
  • Teams can include postsecondary agency personnel, specialists, consultants, community leaders, and students who represent one or more of the Perkins V special populations, including students of color.
  • Download the FAQ for details.

How to apply

Applications are closed for this cohort. Future Equity Leadership Academy for States will be scheduled based on what we learn from our first cohort. NAPE will share lessons learned and next steps following the completion of the program. The application includes questions regarding team demographics, Perkins V and the CLNA process-related work experience, and overall commitment to educational equity. You can download a sample application to preview the questions. Including a representative group of dedicated participants is of primary importance given the reciprocal nature of this work. We will give priority to states that include a student from a special population, including students of color, on their leadership teams.

Important dates

  • Applications due: May 8, 2020. Applications are now closed. Thanks to all who applied.
  • Awardees notified: May 25, 2020
  • Pilot program target end: February 28, 2021

More information and webinar

Please read the FAQ to learn more about program offerings, facilitators, event timeline, and the expected time commitment. 

There is a free info webinar replay available on demand. Please read the FAQ to learn more about program offerings, facilitators, event timeline, and the expected time commitment. Contact Ashley with questions.