Technical Assistance & Consulting

NAPE offers a variety of consulting services to assist you, your state, and/ or local organization in promoting educational equity.

Services Include:

Technical Assistance

Through our technical assistance services we provide focused support for equity-based improvements in CTE, STEM education, Perkins V Special Populations, and Equity programs. Technical assistance calls are scheduled for an hour following professional development. We encourage our partners to use this time to explore questions about tools and strategies that are shared in the professional development workshop and how they may be applied to their local context.


NAPE can provide keynote speakers for your conference or event on topics related to equity and diversity and program improvement for CTE, Special Populations, and Gender Equity.


NAPE can provide expert professional presentations for your conference or event.

If none of these options are right for you we can customize the service to fit your needs! These services are offered on a contractual basis and may be obtained by completing our online Professional Development Request Form or by contacting the NAPE National Office.