NAPE Membership

NAPE members share a belief that every student can achieve their dreams. By becoming a part of NAPE, you join a dynamic community committed to driving educational excellence and fostering career success.

We collaborate with federal and state agencies, local schools, colleges, businesses, corporate foundations, and educators. Together, we empower every student to unlock their potential for thriving careers in high-wage, high-skill, and high-demand fields.

Membership Benefits

Access to online resources

Monthly updates

Special networking opportunities

Conferences and institutes

Member only discounts

Reduced rates on NAPE services

Opportunities for leadership on national committees

Peer recognition through member award program

Special-access webinars, workshops, and resources

Types of Membership

State-level membership is granted to any state agency responsible for administering Perkins-allocated funds for leadership, technical assistance, and professional development about equity issues in education related to workforce development, including CTE.

Affiliate membership is granted to local and community agencies, organizations, and businesses that wish to partner with NAPE to promote equity in education and the workforce. NAPE offers 2 levels of affiliate membership – based on whether or not your state is a member.

Membership is available to individuals who wish to partner with NAPE members to promote access, equity, and diversity in education and workforce development. NAPE offers retired and student individual memberships, in addition to the standard membership.

Membership FAQs

Answers to common questions about NAPE membership!

Use this NAPE membership FAQ and Benefit Matrix to answer your most common questions about NAPE membership.  If something isn’t covered here send your question to and we will respond with an answer and add it to the FAQ.

NAPE is the nation’s leading organization on issues of educational access, equity and diversity.  Members share a belief that every student can achieve their dreams through a community of support, helping educators, and equity advocates improve educational systems to make this happen. 

This has been an extraordinary year whose impact will be felt for many years to come: from a summer that combined intensive planning for an uncertain fall, with traumatic reckoning with racism in the nation and in our community; to a fall of uncertainty given the Delta and Omnichron Covid strains.

In spite of the many difficulties this country has faced, NAPE’s membership takes pride in its capacity to respond and adapt to these challenges, sustain our mission, and support each other through many complex situations and decisions.  

Now, close to our third decade, and as we continue the NAPE mission, it is important that we keep pace with an ever-changing world. To ensure you have the tools, resources, and community to support our shared mission, NAPE offers annual membership.

  • NAPE is a community where Members connect around key affinities; build skill sets through equity tools and resources; participate through unique member only opportunities, and share innovations as you work to improve educational systems.  
  • NAPE is a member-led organization. NAPE members play a vital role in the program of work for the fiscal year, including the breadth and scope of the National Summit for Educational Equity (NAPE Summit, the leading annual conference on equity in education. The NAPE Summit offers networking, learning, and community building opportunities, to build capacity to advocate and organize for change.
There are three levels of membership - State, Affiliate and Individual.  
  • State NAPE membership can reside with: State Agencies
  • Affiliate NAPE membership can reside with: National Organizations, Local School Districts; Colleges and Universities; Businesses and Corporate Foundations
  • Individual NAPE membership can reside with; Educators and Equity Advocates.

Membership is for one year.

  • State Level membership is on a fiscal year basis, beginning in June.  
  • For an affiliate and individual membership, membership is on a 365 day calendar, from the joining date.  
  • NAPE will send an invoice for renewal, proceeding a gentle reminder. 
  • Upon payment, you will receive a welcome letter acknowledging receipt.   
  • New Members will be added to NAPE’s listserv and will begin receiving NAPE updates and members only communications. State members will receive a packet of current NAPE curriculum and other materials related to the four pillars of our work.  
  • For more information on the three levels of membership, please visit NAPE’s Membership Matrix here.  
  • The State Membership fee is based on a percentage of your State’s annual Perkins allocation.  At present our assessment is based on 0.014% of total FY21 of your Basic State Perkins grant. 
  • For Affiliates membership, membership is calculated as a flat fee - $150 from Member States and $250 from Non-Member States. 
  • Individual Membership is $75
  • 20% Discount pricing on All NAPE Professional Development and tools and resources. 
  • Deep discounts for attendance at the National Summit for Educational Equity 
  • First access to grant funded training and collaboration opportunities
  • NAPE is member driven - your State or Affiliate membership allows you opportunities to participate in governance roles that drive the program of work.  
  • Community - As a NAPE Member you join a community of equity advocates, who share through affinity groups around specific areas of interest. Currently there are affinity groups looking at equity in these areas of interest: Serving Students with Disabilities; Workplace Learning; Youth Voice; Comprehensive Local Needs Assessments.  

Please review our Membership Matrix for more information on NAPE Benefits

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