Make the Future™, Connecting Girls to Manufacturing

Make the Future™, Connecting Girls to Manufacturing  aims to encourage women and girls, especially those of color, to take part in STEM education and pursue advanced manufacturing careers. Toyota USA Foundation funds the program.

The NAPE Education Foundation’s Make the Future program, funded by Toyota USA Foundation, provides free methods and tools to help educators, counselors, administrators, and recruiters break down barriers. These barriers limit females and other historically underrepresented student groups from taking education paths that can prepare them for high-demand advanced manufacturing careers.

We work with Toyota manufacturing plants in Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia where young women are successfully working in advanced manufacturing careers and having fun doing it.

Join the campaign to expand female students’ career options.

Free tools to download:


Advanced manufacturing careers allow creativity to shine.


Be part of a dynamic, successful team.

Make a Difference

Help solve problems.

Create Effective Messages

It isn’t always what you say, but how you say it. Click below to download customizable collateral and resources to help you inspire girls to engage in STEM and advanced manufacturing.

Use Effective Strategies

Recruiting more females and underrepresented populations requires a comprehensive recruitment strategy. These tools can help you develop one for your organization.

Have questions or want to participate? Contact Mimi Lufkin.