Make the Future™, Connecting Girls to Manufacturing

Make the Future™, Connecting Girls to Manufacturing  aims to encourage women and girls, especially those of color, to take part in STEM education and pursue advanced manufacturing careers.


Hear what advanced manufacturing educators and employers have to say about the benefits of a diverse workforce.


Explore all the great resources available on this site to help you recruit and retain women and students of color in advanced manufacturing programs and employment.

Make the Future, funded by Toyota USA Foundation, provides free methods and tools to help educators, counselors, administrators, and recruiters break down barriers. These barriers limit women and other underrepresented students from taking education paths that lead to high-demand advanced manufacturing careers.

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Advanced manufacturing careers allow creativity to shine.


Be part of a dynamic, successful team.

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It isn’t always what you say, but how you say it. Click below to download customizable collateral and resources to help you inspire girls to engage in STEM and advanced manufacturing.

Use Effective Strategies

Recruiting more females and underrepresented populations requires a comprehensive recruitment strategy. These tools can help you develop one for your organization.

Introduction to the Nine Best Practices

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Micromessaging Professional Development Course

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Overview: Culture shapes our biases and beliefs about people based on their age, gender, race, language, (dis)ability, or income level, often without our realization. We communicate our biases in our world, often unknowingly, through micromessages. The accumulation of micromessages over time impacts a person’s belief in his or her own ability to be successful in a course, class, college, and career. Through interactive and reflective activities on the power of culture on our interactions with students, this online module will equip educators with specific strategies to support student participation, persistence, engagement and success.

Goal of this module: Participants will become knowledgeable about implicit bias, micromessages, and strategies for increasing positive affirmations to benefit the diversity of students in their classrooms.

Objectives: After completing this module, participants will be able to:

  • define the six types of micromessages.
  • define micro-inequities and micro-affirmations.
  • recognize implicit biases as they relate to micromessages.

In addition, participants will obtain a set of simple tools and strategies to address micro-inequities and improve their classroom culture.

Certificate: Upon completion of the module, you will be able to print a certificate of completion to provide to your institution’s human resources office for evidence of continuing education.

Audience: Educators, Counselors, Advisors, Administrators (NOTE: the theories, principles and strategies are useful for K-12 and post secondary, however many of the examples focus on a secondary setting.)

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