STEM Equity Pipeline October 9 Virtual Book Club

Debjani Biswas

Join NAPE consultant, Debjani Biswas, on October 9, at 1 PM ET, as she discusses her powerful new book, Unleash the Power of Diversity, and leads an open discussion during NAPE’s complimentary Virtual Book Club.

What are the hidden costs of poorly relating to people who are different from us?  Ms. Biswas introduces two original frameworks in her book, available on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble:

  1. The Five Judgments: Analysis of Personal Brand and Stereotypes
  2. A Diversity Foray: Practical Global Toolkit for leveraging diversity for results.
  • Does being different work for you or against you?
  • What is your brand, your personal presence?
  • How do we leverage diversity effectively in an increasingly global world?

Join us!  Grab a cup of coffee or tea, connect with your computer for viewing the PPT and call in on your phone for audio. Take the opportunity to chat with others around the country on what the book means and how to use it to address diversity in STEM careers and education.

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