The Power of Micromessages in Marketing, Recruitment and Success in CTE

Read a recently published article by Ben Williams, NAPE Vice President for Programs.  Published in ACTE’s February issue of its Technique magazine, the article discusses the Power of Micromessages in Marketing, Recruitment and Success in CTE.

Excerpt from introduction:

As state agencies and individual institutions focus efforts to more effectivey market and recruit more students into career and technical education (CTE) programs and
pathways, it is critical to consider how those messages are being received by prospective students, their families the educators who work with and serve them.  

  • Do the messages resonate?
  • Are they relevant to an individual’s lived experiences?
  • Does someone see people with whom they can relate as successful in that career pathway or the industry it leads to?
  • Are cultural stereotypes being reinforced in the message or is the education and career narrative being broadened and expanded?

These are important questions to consider in assessing whether one’s marketing strategy and approach is reaching the full spectrum of students and families.

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