NAPE and High-Tech High Heels

Watch this one-minute video on the impact of NAPE’s work with Mesquite ISD.

The video is a thank you to High-Tech High Heels for their sustained support of NAPE programs in North Texas in celebration of their 20th year dedicated to increasing the number of girls entering into a college-level degree program in STEM.

With support from High-Tech High Heels, we have used our experience and expertise to address gender equity in STEM. In 2011, High-Tech High Heels partnered with the Texas Instruments Foundation to fund the North Texas implementation of NAPE’s flagship training for educators, Micromessaging to Reach and Teach Every Student™.  The genesis of Micromessaging came from gender equity training for teachers pioneered by High-Tech High Heels beginning in 2003. High-Tech High Heels has continued to fund NAPE each year enabling our educator training to increase girls’ self-efficacy in STEM in eight North Texas school districts.