Inspiring Courage to Excel through Self-Efficacy

Inspiring Courage to Excel Through Self-Efficacy

Self-efficacy is the belief one holds in their ability to perform a specific task, and it is strongly correlated with student persistence and achievement. This webinar introduces NAPE’s new curricula designed to equip educators and counselors with tools to identify connections between self-efficacy and student behavior, and practice practical strategies to increase student self-efficacy and ultimately success through effective feedback and instructional strategies.


Intended Audience

Secondary, Community College and State level administrators/faculty/staff and program coordinators/counselors/advisors interested in increasing the participation and completion of students in STEM and CTE programs. 

Presenters and Authors of Toolkit

  • Michelle Brown, Curriculum Project Manager, National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE)
  • Christy Tucker, Owner/Instructional Designer, Syniad Learning
  • Meagan Pollock, PhD, Director of Professional Development, NAPE

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