1-hour complimentary NAPE webinar

“Equity and Workforce Development Resources for CTE Staff and Students: Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce”
Thursday, September 14, 2017
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The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce seeks to narrow the information gap on career earnings for students by informing the practice of educational advocates and school counselors and increasing access to information about majors, unemployment, degrees, and earnings. This webinar will provide information on free website resources including:

  1. Recently released reports with data and analysis about CTE such as Nursing: Can it Remain a Source of Upward Mobility Amidst Healthcare Turmoil?, Good Jobs That Pay without a BA, Career Pathways: Five Ways to Connect Colleges and Careers, African Americans: College Majors and Earnings, and Hispanics: College Majors and Earnings
  2. Infographics from these resources
  3. An interactive webpage featuring resources to boost postsecondary opportunities and career planning for minorities

Intended Audience

Secondary, Community College and State level administrators/faculty/staff and program coordinators/counselors/advisors interested in increasing the participation and completion of students in STEM and CTE programs.


  1. Learn about the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce website and access to free resources.
  2. Explore a newly-released report titled Nursing: Can it Remain a Source of Upward Mobility Amidst Healthcare Turmoil?
  3. Examine structural change, its impact in terms of education requirements, and the response of institutions to new definitions of education and skills competence.
  4. Consider the challenges faced in responding to changeā€”especially by institutions of higher learning.
  5. Hear about findings from reports that show how practitioners can leverage existing data as information to make better decisions and reach more productive workforce outcomes.


Nicole Smith, PhD, is a Research Professor and Chief Economist at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce where she leads the Centerā€™s econometric and methodological work. Dr. Smith has developed a framework for restructuring long-term occupational and educational projections, which forms the underlying methodology for Help Wanted and Recovery, two reports that project education demand for occupations in the U.S. economy.
Artem Gulish, MS, is a Senior Analyst at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. His areas of research include healthcare workforce trends; job opportunities for recent college graduates; applications of education and workforce information systems; and diversity in labor markets and educational institutions. He has co-authored a number of the Centerā€™s reports, including Nursing: Supply and Demand through 2020; Healthcare; Good Jobs Are Back; and State Online College Job Market.
Hilary Strahota is Associate Director of Strategic Communications at the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce. She leads the Centerā€™s communications efforts, which includes overall strategy for media relations, publication production, social media, and the Centerā€™s website. Her previous experience includes work in various nonprofits and trade associations across industries.

Register for this 1-hour complimentary webinar on Thursday, September, 14 at 12 pm Eastern. Once you register for the complimentary event, information and instructions about accessing the event will be sent to your email address.