Riki Wilchins

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Join our May webinar presenter, Riki Wilchins, on a NAPE Blog to discuss and share ideas about “Feminine Norms: A Key to Improving STEM Outcomes.” On May 12, Riki will begin the blog by posting in the Blog section on the NAPE homepage some ideas or questions for discussion. The blog will be active from May 12 to 16. Then register for the webinar on May 20 to learn more and continue the discussion!

Date and Time

Blog: May 12-16, 2014
Webinar: Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 2PM ET, 1PM CT, 12AM MT, 11AM PT


Feminine Norms: A Key to Improving STEM Outcomes



Riki Wilchins is Executive Director of TrueChild. The author of three books on gender theory, she has conducted trainings for the White House, CDC, Office on Women’s Health, Office on Adolescent Health, and the DC and San Diego Public School Systems. TIME Magazine selected her one of “100 Civic Innovators for the 21st Century.”


Online research clearinghouse is at www.truechild.org/STEMresearch
The white paper report is at www.truechild.org/STEM