Family Characteristics

Review the Theory and Evidence.

Recommendations and Strategies*

  • Invite, involve, and education parents: Educate parents about the satisfaction found by females in gender-nontraditional fields, the range of occupational options that are available to their children, and the important role that their opinions and parenting play in later career decisions.
  • Involve parents in developing a career plan: The National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium considers it crucial for parents to be involved and informed about post-secondary education and employment options, and recommends that a career plan based upon Career Cluster Programs of Study be started no later than middle school.
  • Design activities to promote family roles: These activities should support families in encouraging daughters to achieve educationally, in motivating for academic achievement, and in reducing stereotypes. Educational entities can design outreach activities for students from under-resourced families.
  • Engage Mexican American boys: Provide “activities that they may not have been socialized to engage in as boys” and help them to develop a level of mastery.

[pullquote align=”left”]Characteristics and engagement of family of origin have a strong influence on career choice.[/pullquote]

Effective Practices and Resources

  • Focus Your Future Toolkit provides the tools you need to hold your own reception with girls and their parents/guardians to increase awareness of engineering as a career field.