Role models matter, and mentoring works!

One of the most effective ways to encourage students to consider nontraditional careers is to introduce them to diverse role models, particularly role models with whom they¬†are able to relate, by gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, location, etc. Providing a diverse representation of role models begins to challenge stereotypes around careers where some groups may traditionally be underrepresented. For example,¬†women and people of color are underrepresented in most STEM fields, specific disciplines including¬†engineering, physics, and¬†computer science. But when we introduce our students to female engineers, or black computer scientists, we begin to shift the status quo and transform popular image and belief of who “belongs” in STEM, to include every type of person.

This webpage serves as a resource for primarily two groups of people:

  1. Educators seeking STEM role models and mentors for their students
  2. STEM professionals seeking to become a role model to students

Websites to Connect with or Volunteer as a STEM Role Model

Volunteer STEM Speaker Bureaus

These speaker bureaus are networks of STEM professionals that are ready to be role models! You can request a speaker for your campus event, a judge for your science fair, a mentor for your robotics club, or other events that are STEM and career related.

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Tools and Resources for STEM Role Models

Tools and Resources for Educators Hosting STEM Role Models

Mentoring Resources

STEM Activity Resources

State and National STEM Networks

Relevant Articles

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