Achieving Gender Equity Handbook CoverFirst published in 1985, the Handbook for Achieving Gender Equity through Education quickly established itself as the essential reference work concerning gender equity in education. This new, expanded edition provides a 20-year retrospective of the field, one that has the great advantage of documenting U.S. national data on the gains and losses in the efforts to advance gender equality through policies such as Title IX, the landmark federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in education, equity programs and research. It also contains an exciting Foreword by Eleanor Smeal, President of the Feminist Majority Foundation and Publisher of Ms. magazine.

This 2007 Handbook will be especially valuable to the increased numbers of researchers, educators and educational activists interested in gender equity and a key reference tool for participants in the Title IX Action Network such as the Title IX Gender Equity Coordinators and their equity allies at all educational levels. In addition to schools of education, it will be a valuable reference book for journalists, women’s and gender studies faculty and students, and for professional organizations concerned with educational equity.

Read Chapter 20, Gender Equity in Career and Technical Education, written by NAPE CEO Mimi Lufkin and NAPE members Mary M. Wiberg, Courtney Reed Jenkins, Janet Huss, and Terri Boyer, along with Stefanie L. Lee Berardi and Ellen Eardley.