The Women and Workforce Investment for Nontraditional Jobs Act (Women WIN Jobs) has been introduced in the House and Senate multiple times since 2010. It was most recently introduced in 2013, and the bill is currently known as H.R. 951. Its purpose is to provide women with a pathway to higher-paying job fields in which they are currently underrepresented, also known as nontraditional career fields.

Why Is This Important to NAPE?

Although they represent half of the workforce, two-thirds of women work in only 5% of occupations, most of which are among the lowest paying. And while preparation for work in nontraditional and higher-paying fields is a major pathway out of poverty for women, the only other federal grant program solely designed to train women for nontraditional occupations is the 17-year-old Women in Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Occupations grant program, which has historically received relatively little funding (about $1 million/year). In contrast, the Women WIN Jobs Act would establish a new federal grant program of up to $100 million to help  prepare, place, and retain women in high-demand, high-wage nontraditional jobs, especially low-income women.

Current Status

March 5, 2013:  Rep. Jared Polis (CO-2) and Rep. Rosa DeLauro (CT-3), along with 20 colleagues, re-introduced the Women WIN Jobs Act in an effort to fight gender inequity in the workplace and give low-income women a pathway out of poverty. Read More

Necessary Action

Getting more women into nontraditional careers is a crucial step to lifting women out of poverty, along with bolstering our country’s economy. NAPE urges Congress to pass the Women WIN Jobs Act to reduce workforce inequity and provide much needed aid to female workers. Passage is especially crucial considering the small amount of funding that has been provided to WANTO programs, the only other federal program through which funds are provided to women seeking training for nontraditional careers.

Resources and Publications

Women WIN Jobs Act Factsheet (Rep. Polis)
Women WIN Jobs Dear Colleague Support Letter (Reps. Polis, DeLauro, Tonko; supported by NAPE)