Leading for Equity


Leading for Equity is designed to support educators in leading equity work at their institutions. Developing an equity lens for educational systems requires analysis of the ways in which bias is embedded in our systems, increasing awareness of the messages we are sending through policies and procedures, community engagement, supervision and classroom interactions, as well as realizing the scope of change necessary for progress. NAPEā€™s framework of action will guide participantsā€™ efforts to lead their institutionsā€™ equity journey and support their educators and staff through this process.

Target Audience

Secondary/Postsecondary Teacher-Leaders and Administrators, Counselors, Support Staff, State Departments


Virtual or face-to-face; approach can be customized to meet the needs of educators

Examples of Impact

Our session was an intimate conversation that empowered and impassioned everyone in the space. Our instructors brought their expansive content knowledge through approachable narratives and reflective questions so that everyone could engage wherever we might be in our equity journey. I am so thankful for the time to learn with them.

NAPEā€™s professional development solutions are designed to assist teams of educators to address specific needs related to: equitable learning environments, student academic success and ultimately, readiness to pursue high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers.Ā