Inspiring Courage to Excel through Self-Efficacy


NAPE defines self-efficacy as “the belief one holds in their ability to perform a specific task or achieve a specific goal.” Students who have higher self-efficacy are more likely to have higher persistence, interest, and achievement in meeting challenging goals. Inspiring Courage to Excel through Self Efficacy challenges educators to create more equitable learning environments and in turn encourages students’ self efficacy by developing a keen understanding of factors affecting students. Participants will learn the four key components of self-efficacy, learn research-based strategies for nurturing students’ self-efficacy, and develop a coachable model of supporting students to transform educators’ practice and classroom culture.

Target Audience

Secondary/Postsecondary Teachers/Staff,  Administrators, Counselors, Support Staff, State Departments


Virtual or face-to-face; approach can be customized to meet the needs of educators. Also available as a self-paced online learning module.

Example of Impact

This was a very in-depth training that covered important concepts and provided strategies to increase equity in education.

NAPE’s professional development solutions are designed to assist teams of educators to address specific needs related to: equitable learning environments, student academic success and ultimately, readiness to pursue high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers.