Explore Nontraditional Careers


Nontraditional careers are occupations or career fields in which people from one gender comprise less than 25% of the workforce due to cultural stereotypes and norms that have discouraged students from pursuing them. In order for every student to be able to fulfill their potential, we must ensure equal access to and equity in educational options that lead to the entire spectrum of career choices. NAPE’s Explore Nontraditional Careers workshop supports educators, advisors, and administrators through a process of examination, reflection, and action to center equity as a means for supporting and encouraging students while also addressing existing barriers to success.

Target Audience

Secondary/Postsecondary Teachers/Staff,  Administrators, Counselors, Support Staff, State Departments


Virtual or face-to-face; approach can be customized to meet the needs of educators

Examples of Impact

In changing the paradigm in our country about how people perceive one another,this is the kind of training that needs to happen more. It's the next step to improving our career force.

NAPE’s professional development solutions are designed to assist teams of educators to address specific needs related to: equitable learning environments, student academic success and ultimately, readiness to pursue high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers.