Meagan Pollock to Present at WEPAN

Using a growth mindset approach in teaching is especially effective with students who face inequities in the classroom.  Mindsets are beliefs about intelligence and how one learns. Those with a growth mindset believe their intelligence can change and are more likely to persist and seek help when struggling at a task. Those with a fixed mindset believe intelligence is static and are more likely to shut down and avoid challenges. Empowering each student, particularly those who are marginalized, with a growth mindset begins to close equity gaps, provides accessible career pathways, and improves student success.

The workshop, hosted by NAPE, will include hands-on activities, small and large group discussion, self-discovery, and guided inquiry. Each participant will receive a copy of NAPE’s Realizing Potential with Mindset toolkit. This toolkit provides an overview of growth mindset, including key characteristics, benefits, and strategies to employ in the classroom.

Learning goals for participants include:

  • Identify behaviors associated with fixed and growth mindsets
  • Articulate the benefits of a growth mindset for students
  • Apply strategies to promote a growth mindset

NAPE’s series of turnkey implementation toolkits, such as Realizing Potential with Mindset, provide research-grounded strategies and processes designed to equip educators with new tools to reach, teach, and guide every student to realize their potential. Each of the toolkits serves as a workbook for an accompanying professional development workshop led by NAPE’s Certified Equity Instructors.

Learn more and register.

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