Introducing Two Survey Tools to Address Equity in CTE and STEM Education

In Career and Technical Education (CTE) and Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields, effectively addressing equity issues is a challenge educators constantly face. We’ve created two key resources to aid in this critical task: the “Best Practices for Student Surveys” guide and the “CTE and STEM Student Survey Generator.” We designed these two tools specifically to help educators identify and tackle the root causes of inequity, particularly for special populations, as defined in Perkins V.

Understanding and Addressing Equity Issues in CTE and STEM

Root cause analysis is a fundamental approach to identifying disparities in CTE and STEM education, ensuring every student, especially those from special populations, has equal opportunities for success. While this process supports compliance with Perkins V, it most importantly makes a tangible difference in students’ educational experiences and outcomes.

Our New Survey Tools: Tailored to Meet Educators' Needs

After years of working with educators, we have learned that one of the bottlenecks in our program improvement efforts is supporting educators in crafting surveys that help to uncover root causes. So, designed with educators’ needs in mind, our comprehensive guide and innovative survey generator offer a comprehensive suite of solutions.

A Comprehensive Guide to Student Survey Design

The “Best Practices for Student Surveys” guide is a comprehensive resource tailored for educators and administrators. It emphasizes the importance of creating effective, inclusive surveys to understand student experiences. 

Covering four main areas—Design, Distribution & Accessibility, Ethics & Sensitivity, and Analysis & Feedback—the guide follows the CARES framework (Concise, Accessible, Relevant, Ethical, Simple) to aid in developing methodologically sound and engaging surveys. 

This approach not only simplifies the survey creation process but also ensures ethical communication with students, fostering valuable insights to improve participation rates and address educational issues. 

Customizable Survey Creation with the CTE and STEM Student Survey Generator

The “CTE and STEM Student Survey Generator” is an innovative tool designed for educators to develop surveys that effectively address equity issues in CTE and STEM programs. 

Utilizing the framework of NAPE’s 15 root causes allows for creating specific hypotheses. Educators can choose from hundreds of tailored questions for open-ended or Likert scale surveys, focusing on up to 3 root causes. This level of customization ensures the surveys are relevant and instrumental in identifying the real reasons behind participation disparities. 

The tool’s user-friendly interface and targeted approach make it an invaluable asset for educators seeking to understand and improve equity in their programs. Watch how it works below!

Empowering Educators to Foster Equity

These tools are more than just resources; they are a step towards empowering educators to make data-driven decisions that enhance equity in CTE and STEM pathways. By providing a means to gather, analyze, and act on data, we aim to support educators in creating learning environments where every student has the chance to thrive.

Thank you to the Toyota USA Foundation for funding this work.