Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Twitter Storm

Posted on behalf of AFL-CIO.

Today is Black Women’s Equal Pay Day, the day when black women’s pay finally catches up to the pay of white, non-Latino men from the previous year. That means the average black woman is paid only 63 cents for every dollar paid to white men and, over a lifetime, this gap costs them and their families more than $800,000.
Join your colleagues on Twitter to help raise awareness about the challenges black women and families face and—more importantly— the solutions.

Black Women’s Equal Pay Day Twitter Storm
July 31
2–3 p.m. ET

When given the freedom to negotiate a fair return on their work, black women earn more of what their families need, like higher pay, health care benefits and time to care for our loved ones. So it’s no surprise that black women represented by a union earn an average of $192.10 (or 32.2%) more per week than those who are not. In Southern states, which often limit the freedom to join together, black women experience an even greater benefit to joining a union.

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