AAAED Listening Session of Title IX Sexual Misconduct Regulations

The U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights recently published its final regulations on Title IX as it relates to sexual harassment and sexual assault. The implementation date for compliance with these new, comprehensive requirements is August 14, 2020. AAAED issued a statement on its views regarding these final regulations and on Wednesday, May 27, will hold a Listening Session on the implications of these regulations on your work as Equal Opportunity Professionals.

AAAED wants to hear from you and share your views about what you and your institution will have to do to quickly come into compliance during the pandemic. How is the institution prepared to conduct mini-trials? How do you plan to conduct training or inform your students about these new regulations? How do you plan to conduct investigations and do you need additional resources to do your jobs? How will colleges communicate with their students and employees about the Title IX changes while they remain off campus? With the new definition of sexual harassment, how do you maintain the trust and confidence of your students?

Please plan to attend this important webinar on May 27th at 2 pm ET and share your thoughts and questions about how to help your college or university become compliant with the new Title IX regulations. Register >>

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