8 Keys to Connecting with Teens on Social Media
  1. Know where to look. All social platforms are not created equal. The popular opinion that teens largely have left Facebook and moved on may not be entirely true. According to one study, more teens use Facebook than any other social media app out there, but rank the app lower than Snapchat and Instagram when comparing how important each platform is to them.
  2. Personalized and short content. Teens, in particular, are going to be more receptive to your text posts that are short in length with separate blocks of paragraphs or in list format.
  3. Stay aware of new platforms and features. You can increase the odds of your content getting seen is to stay on the lookout of new features and platforms.
  4. Make content highly shareable. Your 30-second, 3rd-person, how-to video is going to be shared far less than a 20-second, top-view how-to video about the same thing. Making your content shareable is much more about the approach than the message.
  5. Patience and flexibility. Teenagers are apprehensive about advertising, especially on social media where they often see it as nothing more than an interruption. With this in mind, we need to create social media campaigns that consistently provide valuable content selected to build a long-term relationship with the audience as time goes on.
  6. Don’t sell. Social media is not a platform for direct selling to teenagers. Your messages will only be seen as an annoyance by the audience when they are salesy or overtly pushing your brand on them.
  7. Be authentic. There’s a reason why reality TV shows are so popular with teenagers – storytelling. By telling stories you provide entertainment value with funny, interesting, or otherwise useful content that builds a relationship based on authenticity instead of marketing goals.
  8. Engage with them. Comment, retweet, mention, and otherwise get involved with their content to establish your brand personality and show that you’re in the relationship game and not the sales game.


Source: https://www.business2community.com/social-media/8-keys-connecting-teens-social-media-01807524