NAPEEF Response to Supreme Court Decision

Yesterday, the Supreme Court issued a decision that threatens to return this nation to a period when education and opportunity were denied to Black, Indigenous and People of Color and were limited for a select class. We grieve this decision and at the same time remain steadfast in working toward every student with the potential to pursue career and technical [or STEM] education has an equal opportunity and access to higher education and the pathway of their choice. 

Our country thrives when we benefit from the myriad of talents and expansiveness of the brilliance that exists in students from all backgrounds. In spite of 45 years of precedent, yesterday’s ruling struck down the use of race as a factor in admissions at Harvard and UNC. By subverting the meaning and legacy of Brown v. Board of Education and the 14th amendment, the court chose to dishonor the lives of those who fought and died for our civil rights laws. This is truly a tragedy.

However, this ruling cannot take away students’ freedom to express themselves in their college applications and share their talents and wisdom that will undoubtedly enrich the university community and subsequently the workforce. To every student who saw this decision today, please know you matter and we will continue to work alongside you and others on the right side of history to ensure you are able to access every space you desire. No one gets to tell you that you do not belong. You belong and we all belong. NAPE will continue to amplify student voice and support educator professional development so that students feel equipped and empowered to bring their full selves into institutions of higher learning.

We know we must all continue to work together to protect and advocate for Students of Color to tell their stories and not be stripped of that ability under the guise of colorblindness. We see and love the diversity of experiences throughout this nation. The idea of diversity is core to what this nation claims to stand for and should aspire to “Out of many, one.” That does not mean that the merging of our collective means that one voice is heard. This means that in honoring each of our authentic experiences and personhood, we are stronger as a collective and more unified as a nation. 

We will not stand for those with power and privilege to deny our children the same opportunities and pathways to leadership in our country. We are resolute. 

In solidarity,

NAPE Education Foundation