Member Podcast

“Reconnect – Reset – Restart”

The National Alliance for Partnership in Equity is a consortium of State Educational Agencies, Non Profits, Secondary and Post Secondary Institutions, Corporate partners and Individuals just like you. Our member podcast shares the different ways NAPE members are working collaboratively to transform education and workforce systems.

Episode 10: Special Guest, Yasmin Sabrina Fodil from 100kin10

Yasmin Fodil, shares on how 100Kin10 united the nation’s top academic institutions, nonprofits, foundations, companies, and government agencies to address the nation’s STEM teacher shortage. Ms. Fodil highlights how NAPE members can become part of the collaborative project teams working on the next set of “moon shot” goals.

Episode 9: The Program Improvement Process for Equity (PIPE)

In this episode, Mimi Lufkin, CEO Emerita walks us through the 5 Step PIPE process. This is a systems wide approach to equity and one of NAPE’s signature programs.

Episode 8: The NAPE Executive Committee

In this episode, learn about the NAPE Executive Committee and how members can collaborate on the annual program of work through committees.

Episode 7: Dr. Kristen Clark Discusses Women of Color in Equity

In this episode, Dr. Kristen Clark, NAPE member and Equity advocate from New Jersey , speaks to the richness of her experience as a woman of color in equity.  She dives deep into her personal narrative; the value of having a “personal village”, to elevate her at critical moments in her career; and highlights how important personal wellness, and making time for rest, can be for women of color in this space.

Episode 6: NAPE President Michael Tinsley, and President Elect, Joe Green Discuss the NAPE Summit

In this episode, NAPE President Michael Tinsley, and President Elect, Joe Green share their personal stories and reflections on their Summit experiences and the value of the rich connections they have made.

Episode 5: Lisa Stoner-Torbert - Delaware CLNA Best Practices

In this episode, Lisa Stoner-Torbert shares her thoughts on centering equity in the comprehensive local needs assessment. Mimi Lufkin, CEO Emerita for NAPE joins the conversation as a special guest.

Episode 4: Kimberly Ellis, Technical College System of GA - Addressing Teacher Stress by National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity

In this episode, Kimberly Ellis, Past President of NAPE, and Coordinator for Special Populations/Career Services with Technical College System of Georgia, speaks to the issue of teacher wellness, during this time of uncertainty and stress.

Episode 3: Kathy Albin Discusses Equitable Learning Environments and Positivity Post Cards

In this episode, Kathy Albin, from North Idaho College, shares a tool she and her team are using to foster equitable learning environments.

Episode 2: A Conversation with Esperanza Zenon, Associate Professor, River Parishes Community College

In this episode, Esperanza Zenon shares her membership experience, from discovery to making connections, and lastly to taking action. Charting professional as well as personal growth.

Episode 1: Welcome to the NAPE Member Podcast

Welcome to our member podcast! Our intent is to use this podcast to share out on the different ways NAPE members are working collaboratively to transform education and workforce systems.