Message from the CEO’s Desk – November 2019

I hope this message finds you all doing well. Last week, NAPE’s new website was launched, and we are excited about all of its new features. A big shout-out to Caryl Clippinger, our Technology and Design Manager, who is the architect and designer! Check it out at if you have not already. Features of the new webpage include:

• Updated and modernized look and feel
• Reorganized and streamlined content
• Mobile responsiveness
• Highlights of numerous photos of NAPE members, board members, staff & consultants, events, and Summit participants throughout

We hope you find the new webpage to be useful and userfriendly. Let us know what you think!

This installment of the Pipeline Press includes the exciting outcomes from our Educators Equity in STEM II Project, which was completed earlier this fall. The NAPE Education Foundation Team shared the outcomes at the ATEPI Meeting in Washington, DC week before last. Check out the information below to find out how this powerful professional learning experience affected the self-efficacy of STEM community and technical college faculty and their secondary counterparts in creating an equitable learning environment in their classrooms.

We hope you find these and other resources below helpful in your work of transforming education and workforce systems to increase and ultimately lead to equity in education and work.

Warmest regards,